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How to use text message function

 1.    To use this function  

–   Text message service has to be subscribed.

–    The phone number that the message sent to need to be E164 format, which starts from + and country code, area code and phone number

2.     Send and receive on 3CX mobile app 

  1. Start 3cx mobile app
  2. Select 1 [Chat] tab at bottom 
  3. Select 2 SMS message icon 
  4. Make sure the icon 3 is shown bright.  

            Bright : active in the service agent group

            Gray  : taking break, will not receive the message  

  1. Select the phone number from the contact list.

            Have to use E46 format started from +

  1. Start the text message

3. Send and receive message on web Client 

  1. Start webclient with the extension 
  2. Select the chat icon at left side icon list 
  3. Push [+] icon, and select [SMS] 

4. Major differences with mobile phone text message 

It is a business messaging system.  When a customer sends a message, all of assigned multiple agents (service agent group) will receive the message.  The agent A first responds to the message, then the agent A will have the ownership of chat , and other agents[BCD..] cannot chat with this customer. The agent[A] can select [Transfer], to pass this chat to another agent[BCD..].

When the chat finishes, the agent A needs to select [Dealt with], to tell the system the agent A releases the ownership, otherwise all the message coming later from this customer can only be responded to by the agent A.

If an agent want to take a break, click the icon  , make it gray to leave the service agent group.   

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